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15 Killer Tips to Sell Your Home Fast for Cash

sell your house fastSelling your home can be challenging when you have a tight timeline. You need to take into account how long does it take to close on a house. Depending on the home’s location, price, and condition, closing on a home may take a few weeks or months. Some would even take years.

However, it shouldn’t be so difficult. It shouldn’t be that long, either. As long as you are smart enough and you have knowledge of today’s real estate market trends, you would be able to sell your home in as quickly as a few days. Below are feasible tips to convert your property into cash in no time.

1.   Know Your House’s Value

Before presenting your home to potential buyers, it is beneficial to know its value. If your home is priced right, you’ll be attracting buyers no matter how bad the market is.

But you might be asking: How can I find out how much is my house worth?

There are ways to know the value of your house. Some top realtors offer comparative market analysis to determine the value of your home. The analysis can be completed by reviewing the current selling price of similar homes, your home’s condition, and its marketability, as well as the market supply and demand conditions.

Another way of finding out your property’s value is through an online home value estimator. All you need to do is enter your home’s address and its estimated value would be calculated right after.

You can also do the market analysis on your own to get a rough number, however, if you really want a concrete figure, you better seek out a formal property survey and appraisal. Surveyors and appraisers would conduct a house inspection to determine how much you should sell your house for.

2.   De-clutter Your Home

Making your home clutter-free is one of the simplest things you can do. It is also one of the most effective ways to sell your home as quickly as possible. An organized home wouldn’t only make it more welcoming and cozy but it would also make it look more spacious. Put away all unnecessary stuff. If you can’t let go of them yet and have limited time to sort through all of them, you can rent a storage space.

3.   Invest In Your Kitchen

If you want to sell your home fast, make your kitchen more appealing. More often, most sellers pay more attention to other parts of the house, skipping the most marketable part – the kitchen. Little do they know that potential home buyers are engrossed in the kitchen. Therefore, remodeling your kitchen and upgrading your kitchen appliances can give you more benefits. In fact, in most cases, it would return more than the asking price.

4.   Spruce Up Your Yard

Some buyers wouldn’t only look at the house. They would also notice your landscape, therefore, take care of it. You don’t need to spend a fortune on hiring a landscaper or on turning your yard into a park. Just tidy up a bit, trim those bushes, pull off unwanted grasses, and make sure your plants are alive. Remember that in the world of real estate marketing, first impressions last.

5.   Clean Up

You’ll never go wrong with cleanliness. A clean home wouldn’t only add value to your home but it also attracts more buyers. A clean house would make it look new, preventing prospects from thinking of redesigning it. If you don’t have the time or if cleaning the property by yourself is taxing, consider hiring a professional cleaner. Professionals would pay attention to spots where buyers would look at. In addition, they would make sure they don’t miss out on a corner of the house, even your carpets.

6.   Get Good Lighting

Home staging is crucial and most of the time, lighting would play a major role in making a big difference. Lighting wouldn’t cost you a huge amount of money. You can take advantage of the sunlight, plus a few bulbs. Light-colored curtains would also help brighten your home.

7.   Get Rid Of The Odors

Unpleasant odors can be annoying. You may think that this is just a minor issue however, it can be enough to drive people away. Before presenting your home to potential buyers, make sure that it smells good.we buy houses

8.   Always Be Ready For Home Staging

Being prepared at all times would really count. Why? Because sometimes, you would never know when a buyer or an agent is going to knock at your door. Make your home clean and organized all the time. It may be a little effort, but it will eventually pay off.

9.   Hire A Home Stager

If you can and if you want to maximize your house’s full potential, you may consider seeking an expert to help you arrange your furniture. Home stagers know exactly how to make the most of the space and give emphasis to your floor plan.

10.                 Take Your Pets Away

While your friendly home buddies would warm a buyer’s heart, not everyone would love seeing them around. Some are allergic to them. Having pets around may give them the impression that your home isn’t hygienic.

11.                 Take Your Personal Stuff Away

Your personal stuff may have a sentimental value for you but for your prospective buyers, they may not mean a thing. Keep in mind that this isn’t about you anymore. This is about them. The more personal collections you keep inside, the more buyers you shoo away.

12.                 Take Open House Viewing Seriously

Create a list of your home’s strong selling points and prepare to answer your prospect’s questions. You may find this awkward but if you practice walking potential buyers around your home, it builds your confidence. Some buyers would get convinced when you are confident.

13.                 Make A Buzz Online

Let people know that you are selling your haven. With today’s fast-paced marketplace, the most efficient way to enlist your property is through the internet. Furthermore, buyers nowadays would look up the internet to make buying decisions. This behavior doesn’t exempt buying a property.

14.                 Seek Help From A Real Estate Agent

Some home sellers wouldn’t take this idea into consideration, however, working with a licensed real estate agent would be beneficial. They would take the burden off your shoulders. A real estate professional can help you with pricing your home properly. They are also knowledgeable of the current trends, therefore, they can give you tips from home staging to marketing.

15.                 Sell To A Wholesaler

Wholesalers would help middle man your property. They would pay you cash for your house so you can walk away and move on in just a matter of 7-10 business days. Some wholesalers would take charge of home repair and renovations, therefore, you don’t have to shell out a huge amount of money.

cash home buyersHow Does A Wholesaler Sell My House Fast?

Real estate wholesalers have a database of cash buyers who would tell them what property they’re looking at. They obtain this list of buyers from their lead generation channels and those who responded to their website’s “Open House Near Me” call-to-action button.

This means that there’s no need for hard-selling because they have buyers in their end who are ready to buy. All they have to do is put your property under a contract and offer it to home buyers. Hence, the buying process is sped up.

How Can I Find A Wholesaler?

Most of the time, wholesalers would find you. However, if you are uncomfortable with wholesalers contacting you or if you can’t wait for them to find you, you can do your own research. With the technological advancements today, there is no shortage of wholesalers that you can find online. You just have to make sure that you’re tenacious in searching for a suitable one with professional standards.

You can search on Google “we buy houses cash” with your city or state name, or you can also source from social media pages. The thing about online advertising is that these wholesalers make use of geotargeting, which in turn, makes it easy to find clients as well.

Selling a house isn’t as easy as selling cotton candies. It requires preparation for both inside and outside of your home. Moreover, it needs money coming out of your wallet. However, these practical killer tips can help you dispose of your home fast and bring in cash into your bank account.

How We Can Help You Sell Your House Fast For Cash

At 2nd Chance Investment Group LLC, we buy houses for cash and we buy houses fast. Moreover, we don’t only purchase beautiful homes but we also buy houses in any condition. In fact, we buy ugly houses. Just give us a call, we will make an appointment to visit your home within 24 hours. Afterward, we will make an offer within 24 hours. Once you decided to sell, we can close in a few days and you can walk away with your cash within 7-10 working days.

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