5 Ways A Buyers Agent Will Save You Time in Los Angeles

Buyers Agent Will Save You Time

Time is something that is very limited for most of us today, and if we have a chance to save a little of it, we probably should. If you’re in the market to buy a house, a buyer’s agent can likely save some of your valuable time. A buyer’s agent works only for the buyer and not the seller. The job of such a real estate agent is to look out for your best interests as the buyer. So take a look at these 5 ways a buyer’s agent will save you time in Los Angeles.

1. Willingness to Explain

During the lengthy process of buying a house, you will encounter a lot of real estate jargon and a host of technical financial and legal terms that can get more than a little confusing. With a willingness to explain this language, a buyer’s agent will save you time in Los Angeles. You won’t have to spend a bunch of your time trying to figure it all out on your own. Because this kind of agent is working solely for you, the buyer, she will be ready to explain the complexities of all the legal documents you’ll encounter along the way. And you do need to understand because the financial implications of a real estate purchase are pretty big.

2. Real Estate Connections

Another way your buyer’s agent will save you time in Los Angeles is through her extensive industry connections. A real estate transaction requires the services of a good number of professionals – seller’s agent, title officers, real estate attorney, appraisers, and inspectors. Because your buyer’s agent is already well connected with these professionals, you won’t have to spend a lot of time hunting them up yourself. It will also give you more options and choices, and you won’t have to worry about the quality of the professionals.

3. Efficient Home Search

The home search itself can consume a lot of time, and that’s an area where, without a doubt, a buyer’s agent will save you time in Los Angeles. A good buyer’s agent will have plenty of experience and skill in sorting through available properties to find the ones that meet your specific criteria and meet your needs. That way you don’t spend a bunch of time running around looking at houses that you really aren’t interested in

4. No Conflict of Interests

A good buyer’s agent can also provide you some peace of mind so that you don’t waste time worrying. A buyer’s agent is legally bound to advocate for the buyer’s – that’s you – best interests only, especially your financial interests (a “fiduciary duty”). But this isn’t the case with a listing agent, who may be representing both a buyer and a seller, which is called a “dual agency.” Obviously, this would not be the ideal situation for you as the buyer owing to the inherent potential for a conflict of interests.

5. Efficient Negotiations

A buyer’s agent will save you time with her negotiating skill. Without this skill, negotiations can drag on and on and even reach an impasse. An experienced agent will know the best and most efficient way to conduct negotiations and help you sign a contract on your dream more quickly. And if you find yourself in a competitive-bid situation, your agent can recommend tactics to increase your odds and help you win the bidding war.

Where to Find a Buyer’s Agent

A buyer’s agent will save you time in Los Angeles, so finding an experienced, qualified buyer’s agent is an important step in buying the home you want at a price that’s right. But that’s just another task that can eat up a bunch of your limited time.

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