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6 of the Top Questions We Receive From Buyers Looking for Homes for Sale in Riverside

Whether a buyer is purchasing her very first home or her fifth one, the process never seems to get easy, especially during the home search. You can, though, make it more manageable and more easily navigable by being informed and knowing what to expect along the way. And a great way to do that involves paying attention to common questions and concerns buyers have. To that end, here are 6 of the top questions we receive from buyers looking for homes for sale in Riverside.

1. Should I talk to a lender before looking for homes for sale in Riverside?

Many buyers looking for homes for sale in Riverside want to know whether they should talk to a lender early on in the process. And the answer is a resounding “Yes!”

First, you need to know how much you can borrow (preferably by getting pre-approved) before you can know what price range to shop in. Being armed with this borrowing knowledge can save a ton of time and frustration in your home search. 

Especially if you’re a first-time, talking with your lender first can help you understand all the additional costs (besides the mortgage itself) associated with buying a home. These costs, which many buyers don’t fully understand, include the down payment, certain prepaid items, and escrow. Your Riverside can also provide assistance in understanding all these confusing costs. Find out more by calling (866) 593 7012.

2. Should I sell my current home before buying another?

People who currently own a home and are looking for homes for sale in Riverside are often uncertain about whether they should sell their current home before buying a new one. And the answer to this question is . . . it depends.

If you go ahead and buy a new home before selling your current home, you’ll have a new home lined up and ready to move into – without the stress of having to hurry and find a new home because you’ve sold your old one. But if it takes a long time to sell your current home, you’ll wind up paying on two mortgages. If, on the other hand, you sell your current home first and have trouble finding and purchasing another home, you may not have a place to live – which likely means you’ll have to rent for an indefinite period. 

Really, it all depends on your unique situation and your needs. So you should probably consult a Riverside agent at (866) 593 7012 to get some professional input.

3. What is the neighborhood like?

If you’re looking for homes for sale in Riverside, you probably know how important the location is, especially the neighborhood. For you are, after all, not just buying a home, but also buying into a neighborhood.

So you’ll want to find out about things like crime rates, quality of schools, taxes, local amenities, the local economy, and so on. You can, of course, discover a lot of this online on your own. But, again, your agent will be your most valuable resource here.

4. How many homes should I look at before making an offer?

There really isn’t any hard-and-fast rule about how many homes you should look at before making an offer. Still, the consensus among industry pros, is that you shouldn’t make an offer on the first home you come across that seems to meet your needs. It’s always wise to comparison shop even in today’s market with low inventory and high demand. Just wait till you find a home that ticks all your must-have boxes and as many of your like-to-haves as possible.

5. How long will it take the seller to respond to my offer?

Again, there really isn’t a standard answer to this question, even though the uncertainty can create some anxiety for buyers searching for homes for sale in Riverside.

A purchase offer typically has what is called a “life.” And the life of an offer can range from, say, 12 hours to a few days, depending on a host of factors, such as how new the listing is and whether there are multiple offers. Your agent can help you craft a purchase offer suitable to the conditions that obtain in the local market and for the specific property.

6. Do I really need an agent when considering homes for sale in Riverside?

If you’re wondering whether you need an agent when looking for a home to buy, then you probably do.  An experienced local agent can make the whole search process smoother and more effective and can help you negotiate a much better deal when it comes to that point. Your agent is there to look out for your best interests. So if you’re thinking of buying and are looking at homes for sale in Riverside, contact us today at (866) 593 7012.

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