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San Diego Cash Home Buyers

San Diego Cash Home Buyers – What Are The Seller Closing Costs In San Diego?

San Diego Cash Buyers

How much does it cost San Diego homeowners to sell a house, besides realtor commissions? Ever wonder what closing costs are and how they calculate them? Stick around to learn more.

What Are Closing Costs?

Closing costs can be defined as the expenses you pay when you close on a real estate transaction. Whether you’re looking to sell your home in San Diego or elsewhere, you’ll have to deal with a real estate closing process, first.

No matter what your motives for selling are, this can be a costly part of the journey.

Typical seller closing costs in San Diego include:

– Escrow Fees: Typically, the Escrow company handles all the money in real estate transactions. These costs can be split 50/50 between the seller and buyer but are often paid by the seller.

– Agent Commissions: Real estate agent commissions in San Diego can range between 5-6 percent of the sale price.  

– Title Insurance: This fee covers the cost of the owner’s title insurance and the work required to confirm that you are the actual owner of the house and that the title is marketable. Title insurance protects the owner if the title is not clean or other title issues are discovered.

– HOA Dues And Fees: If your house is in a Homeowners Association community, you will have to pay any HOA dues, i.e. pay for the months before the buyer takes ownership of the property. Also, sellers have to pay the HOA document fee and HOA transfer fee.

– Recording Fees: These are the fees associated with recording the Deed of Reconveyance (title transfer) at the County Recorder’s Office. The Deed of Reconveyance transfers the title from your name to the new owner’s (buyer) name.  

– Property Taxes: Depending on when you sell your San Diego home, there may be unpaid property taxes. Property taxes that are due are pro-rated until the close of the transaction.

– Home Warranty: It’s quite common for sellers selling through the open market to offer a home warranty. A buyer can also request a home warranty policy for peace of mind. The seller must pay the home warranty fee in San Diego through Escrow.

The closing costs of selling your house will affect your bottom line. When you plan to sell you San Diego, CA, home, make sure you understand the true cost of selling.

Are closing costs getting in the way of selling quickly? Whether you can’t or simply don’t want to pay closing costs, we can help. Here at 2nd Chance Investment Group, we’ll buy your house fast, and more importantly, handle all closing expenses. Call us at (866) 593 7012 to speak with our experienced professional San Diego cash home buyers today!

3 Ways Sellers Can Pay Closing Costs

Below is a quick rundown of 3 ways that a seller can pay closing costs in San Diego:

– Out of pocket: simply means that you pay all closing costs from your own funds.

– Use a lender rebate or credit

– Have the buyer pay the closing costs

Yes, you can have the buyer pay all the closing costs!

So, this is how it would work.

You find reputable San Diego cash home buyers (2nd Chance Investment Group) and provide details about your home.

You get a cash offer for your house within 48 hours.

If you accept it [of course], they start working on the transaction and cover all costs associated with the sale, including closing costs.

You close within 10- 14 days or on a date that suits you.

So, if you’re looking to skip closing costs, it makes sense in this scenario to sell to a cash house buyer.

Sell Smart And Avoid Paying San Diego Closing Costs

Attention all San Diego home sellers – today, 2nd Chance Investment Group wants to buy your home as-is for cash, and we’ll take care of the closing costs! We understand that sellers, especially distressed property sellers can’t afford to lose a tone of valuable money in the closing process.

Want to sell your San Diego home but are stressing about the costly hassle of closing? We’ve got you covered. We buy houses throughout San Diego and neighboring locations, and we help you skip this costly and time-consuming closing process.

The Bottom Line On Closing Costs When Selling A House In San Diego

While closing costs can be expensive and often seem like a burden, they shouldn’t be the roadblock that keeps you from selling you home. In fact, it’s common for San Diego cash home buyers such as 2nd Chance Investment Group to cover both sides of closing costs to facilitate a quick and stress-free sale, so it might be in your best interest to sell to a cash house buyer you trust.

Get in touch with our real estate investors We Buy Houses San Diego and see how 2nd Chance Investment Group can help.

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