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Top Tips For Selling Your Reno House Fast After A Divorce

Divorce has its financial and emotional truth to be faced by both partners which often involves taking hard decisions before moving on with life. And if neither of the parties has the wherewithal to buy the other out, then the only option is to put the house on the market and work to get a good price for selling your Reno house fast for it before it becomes too late.

Selling your house as fast as possible after a divorce is not just all to evaluate as there are other things to settle like mortgage payment and capital gains tax after the sale. You’ll also need to worry about moving the kids right? All of these may come as a disadvantage to selling your house straight after facing a divorce situation.

You can however cut out all extra costs by selling directly to a cash home buyer. We buy houses in Reno by paying in cash to ease sellers the stress of going through the conventional home selling process.

You won’t have to worry about a favorable market or be disturbed as to whether I can  sell my house fast in Reno before putting your property up for sale as our we buy Reno houses process puts sellers in a comfortable position without obligation to take any decision.

Without further delay, let’s run through helpful tips to selling your Reno house successfully, without leaving you with any more situations to deal with after a divorce.

  1. Get Advice

You just got divorced and there’s a whole lot of ideas crossing your mind. It’s okay to have it so but you have to be sure that what you want is to put your house up for sale.

You and your partner should consider getting advice on how to go about selling your Reno house fast without conflict. Agreement makes the process all smoother.

  1. Keep The House Occupied

Often after a divorce, both spouses will prefer to move on, leaving the house with their belongings. This is not a good idea if you will be selling the house.

It’s okay to move on but you need to come to a unanimous decision of having one person stay behind. When the house is left empty, it is usually not appealing to potential buyers.

So, one step at a time. Don’t be too quick to rush out of the house in search of a better life out there. Having one person stay behind could also be a way of cutting costs. Think of having to pay two different rents and a mortgage within the timeframe of selling your house. This could even get awful when it takes a longer period to get interested buyers for the house due to Its emptiness which makes it less attractive to buyers.

If you can’t conclude who should stay back, home staging may be the quickest way to solve that. Although home staging is quite expensive, it will largely reduce the time that your house spends on the market.

Another way to keep the house occupied till it’s sold is by leaving some pieces of furniture and accessories behind. This will save you money instead of having to stage the house.

The key point is for both spouses to save as much as they possibly can before getting to move on with life.

  1. A Competent Agent Will Help Sell Your House Fast

Finding a real estate agent is usually the first step that every home selling process will require. In the case of selling your house after a divorce, it is better to get a competent real estate agent that will double as a mediator between you and your spouse.

The reason is that most people who go through a divorce may later develop a fear of their spouse working out a secret plan to get rid of them by using their chosen agent. Thus an agent that stands as a mediator for the both of you will bring transparency to the table without any worries of bias.

This real estate agent will be someone that focuses on working with couples that are separated as well offering solutions to the emotions attached to divorce while working to get buyers for your property.

This will involve the real estate agent getting every necessary information across to you and your spouse. If both of you can’t find a competent agent to handle the house sale, you can both ask friends for referrals.

  1. You Should Agree On Selling Conditions

The more reason why you have to get a real estate agent who has good working experience with separated couples is to eliminate conflict mid-sale as well as stress trying to work out selling conditions by yourselves.

You must both agree on the selling conditions of the property which will include

  • Agreement on the least selling price you are going to accept from interested buyers?
  • Who will stay back or pay for staging until the house is sold?
  • Who will be responsible for the repairs when it’s time to show the house
  • How involved in the home sale will you or your spouse be?
  • Know if it’s okay if one of you has other commitments that may not allow the party involved to get a due notice about showing.
  • Should the real estate agent come up with the asking price?

All of these selling conditions have to be properly addressed and agreed upon before any further steps on the home sale are taken. To better avoid bumps on the road to selling your house, it is good that the agent runs current market analysis and helps come up with the least selling price for your house.

If your spouse is finding it hard to relate with the real estate agent, it could mean that you need to get another so it doesn’t look like the agent is trying to favor one party.

  1. Preserve Tax Exemption

When selling your Reno house fast, capital gains tax is paid on the profit of the sale. This can take as much as 23% of the profit.

However, there’s a $250,000 exemption for individuals and $500,000 for married couples. If you can work your home sale to preserve this exemption without losing $250,000, you are good to go. The more reason you need a skilled agent to handle the process.

  1. Be Determined To Sell Your House

Often after an agreement has been reached by both spouses, emotions tend to get in the way which may put a stop to the whole selling process.

Selling a house is more like selling the most valuable asset a couple could acquire being that there’s a lot of emotions tied around it.

Whatever the case may be, you must be focused on selling your house. It’s quite painful but you have to keep your focus on the proceeds of the sale you make from it because that’s all you’ve got to start a new life.


Selling your Reno house fast becomes the only option available having tried several other means to get sustainable cash to move further in life after a divorce.

Selling your house after a divorce should be fast else you could have a change of mind about it. If you would prefer not to work with a real estate agent then you’ll need a cash buyer that is credible and reliable.

Before selling your Reno house fast, make sure you carefully go through these tips and pay attention to every detail therein. In a few years you may have forgotten the shape and size of the house you sold but you will not forget the substantial amount of money you got from it that helped you start a new chapter of your life.

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