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Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to sell your house in Riverside, you will likely have questions about how our process works. At 2nd Chance Investment Group LLC., we are an open book. We are happy to answer all of your questions. Call us anytime if there is anything in particular you would like to know! (866) 593 7012

We have answered some of our most frequently asked questions below!

Q:  Are you buyers, agents or wholesalers?
A:  We are direct buyers. We invest in run-down houses we can restore and resell at great prices to the new buyers. We help people who are facing foreclosure by paying a fair and honest price for their home. We are not selling your house for a commission or assigning the contract to another buyer. We are purchasing your house outright, without any lenders, agents, hassles or red-tape.

Q:  Where are you buying homes?
A:  We are buying houses anywhere in California. No matter where you are located, we will come to you and view the house. We will drive out within 24 hours, or even fly if we need to. We started in Southen California, but have had so much success with our fair and honest offers, that we have expanded our services to include the entire state.

Q:  How long does the process take?
A:  We can move very quickly when purchasing your Riverside house. We will make an appointment to view the property in as little as 24 hours. We will make you an offer in only another 24 after we view your property and do our research. We can close in only a few days. In theory, you could sell your house in as little as a week! If you need more time, we are happy to close on any day you choose.

Q:  What situations are you able to help with?
A: We can help with any house and any situation. We specialize in helping people who need to sell because of a difficult situation and may not know how to get their property in front of the right buyers. We purchase distressed properties, houses with tax liens and houses at the brink of foreclosure. We offer real solutions to homeowners when they need it most.

Q:  What makes you different from other homebuyers?
A:  We do more than just pay you an excellent price for your house. We can help you with moving, with your credit and with the next step of your journey. We have even been known to help sellers pay the first few months of their new mortgage or rent! Learn about all of our services and how we can make your life easier!

Q:  Any there any contracts or obligations?
A:  Never! We are happy to provide you with an offer and leave the decision to sell completely up to you. You are never under any obligation unless you agree to a sale and we will always respect your privacy. Don’t expect and high-pressure sales calls. We want you to use the information we provide you to make the smartest decision when selling your California house.

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