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We Buy Houses In San Diego

We Buy Houses San Diego

We buy houses in San Diego for cash. We are a local, professional real estate investment company that will buy your house as-is – no matter what condition it’s in! If you have been looking to sell your home fast and without any hassle, then feel free to contact us. Call us today at (760) 304-9855 or fill out the form to the side of this page so we can get started with helping you find a solution to all of your real estate needs!

Do you need to sell your house fast in San Diego, California?

We buy houses for cash in San Diego, CA, and are here to help. You don’t have to worry about the hassles of traditional selling, like finding a buyer or waiting on an appraisal. With 2nd Chance Investment Group, LLC, you can get out from under any situation with ease. We buy homes in San Diego and all over California!

If you want to sell your home quickly without hassle, contact us today! Our team will give you a fair offer that works for both parties. It does not matter what condition your property is in; if it’s yours, we’ll make an offer on it! Remember, we buy homes of all types, sizes, and in all conditions. 

Call (760) 304-9855 now or fill out our short online form, and a member of our team will get in touch with you today

Sell My House Fast San Diego 

Sell My House Fast San Diego

We buy houses fast in California and are always on the lookout for homeowners who want to sell fast. If you have a house that is in need of some work or just needs to be taken off your hands, we can help. When you contact us with a description of the property in terms of location, size, type, and condition, one of our experts will get back to you with a fair cash offer. Once home sellers approve that offer, we will come down to take a persona look at the property and finalize our agreement. The goal is to close as soon as possible and that’s why we make a cash offer. 

The housing market in San Diego is still in a slump, and the prices of houses are going down, not up. We haven’t seen much demand for new homes lately either, so it doesn’t look like things will be getting better anytime soon. That’s why most people who are either putting their homes on the market themselves or hiring a realtor aren’t able to sell as quickly as they once used to. Some homes have been languishing on the market for months without a decent offer. That’s why we buy houses in San Diego, even if they have been on the market. 

We are a group of real estate investors that buy houses that unburden you in the shortest time. Not to mention that we’ll put cash in your pocket. When selling to us, you don’t need to worry about repairs or cleaning up; we handle all that on our own. At the end of the day, this saves homeowners time while avoiding the stress associated with selling a home. In our experience, it can get pretty stressful. 

We offer homeowners a simplified process that allows them to sell a home without much hassle. We pay cash and take care of all the paperwork, which means you don’t have to worry about paying a commission or getting an appraisal for your home. It’s a win for anyone who has a home that they need to get off their hands ASAP so that they can move on with life. 

So, if you have been thinking “how to sell my house fast?” then we can help. 

We Buy Houses for Cash in Just 7 Days 

We buy houses San Diego in just 7 days from the time you contact us if everything moves smoothly. While the average home may take eight months to sell in San Diego, that’s not the case when you sell it to us. We speed up the process because, unlike other buyers, we don’t need to apply for a mortgage and get approval from the lender. We have cash reserves, enough to pay you for the home once the title is transferred to us. 

The other important thing to understand is we are not third parties. We don’t buy houses San Diego for others but for ourselves. That’s why you can be assured of a highly competitive offer for your San Diego, CA home. 

Our team works swiftly to make you a fair cash offer once we are aware of the condition, type, location, and other details pertaining to your property. Once the initial offer is made, you can either decide to accept it or take your time to think about it. We give you all the time in the world to decide. In fact, you choose a closing date. 

Once you have decided to move ahead, our team will schedule a visit. We will see the home and meet you in person to finalize our agreement. Once done, we will schedule a date to transfer the title over to us; we’ll pay any and all fees the process entails. Finally, if all goes well, we’ll pay you cash for the home! 

Unlike other services, there are no hidden costs, commissions, fees, or anything else involved. The money we give you is 100% yours to keep. 

The Industry’s Leading Cash House Buyers San Diego 

We have been buying homes for cash for a very long time. Over the years, we’ve heard many horror stories from homeowners who sold their homes for far less than they agreed to. The fact is that not all cash for homebuyers in California is equal. There are some companies who aren’t as easy to deal with, and then there is us!

We make an offer over the phone, and instantly which is based on your description of the property. Our team makes it clear that we will have to physically examine the property and finalize our agreement. Usually, it takes only a day or so to complete this part, depending on your availability. Once you have a solid offer from us and have agreed to move forward, only then do we start the process. We buy houses San Diego as soon as possible and that’s why we have a dedicated team that manages everything. 

The offers we make are based on solid research and your years of experience in this industry. That’s why if you give us an accurate description of the property, we will make you a very accurate offer. We have purchased $50 million worth of properties in just a few short years and have built a reputation for being honest and fast. That’s why we are often the company of choice for people who want to sell their property for a reasonable price but minus any hassle. 

We Buy Houses As-Is San Diego

We Buy Houses As-Is San Diego

When selling a home in San Diego, CA, one of the things that buyers always examine is the condition of the property. In fact, anyone who even wants to get a decent offer, to begin with, will need to invest a few thousand dollars at least in bringing the condition up to market standards. Your roof, electrical wiring, plumbing, and various other parts of the home will have to be in tip-top condition before you can even put it on the market. 

Most real estate agents will tell you that the investment you make in the property does not guarantee a sale. So, even after spending upwards of $20k on updating the kitchen, painting the home, and maybe repairing the driveway, there is no guarantee you’ll get an offer even near your asking price. Not to mention that your property or home could be sitting on the market for months, during which you host weekly open houses and continue to haggle with numerous lowball offers. The hassle can take its toll on you and something that can easily be avoided by selling your home as-is to us. Not only that but with us, you sell your house fast. 

We don’t care about the condition of your home because, unlike people who want to buy to live, we are buying it as an investment. We treat your property and any additional money spent on it as an investment; that’s why to us, the condition does not matter. It even does not matter if you leave everything behind because we will arrange to clean up the property and donate anything that’s not junk. 

Why Sell Your Home to Us?

Over the years of buying homes in San Diego, CA, we’ve come across people who have sold their homes to us for varying reasons. While everyone’s circumstances are different, and so is their reason to sell a home, some of the most common reasons people sell to us are avoiding foreclosure, paying off debt, etc. Below are some of the reasons why you might want to sell your home to us based on our experience: 

Avoid the Bank Foreclosing on a Home – As professionals who work with many homeowners, we know that the mere thought of foreclosure can be highly intimidating and stressful. Most people don’t happily stop paying their mortgages, but unfortunate circumstances like job losses, a death, illness, or divorce can lead to a foreclosure. Fortunately, there are ways to stop the foreclosure by selling the property to us. We also offer a free consultation to any homeowner who may be facing the prospect of foreclosure. 

Can’t Afford Repairs – We know of many homeowners in the San Diego area who want to sell but can’t afford to pay for repairs. Damage like leaking faucets, broken tiles, and bad plumbing are all issues that at first may seem minor, but they add up. If you want to sell but can’t because the property requires extensive repairs, do not worry; we will still buy it from you. We generally make a fair offer on all types of properties, even if they require re-roofing, the doors and windows replaced, etc. 

Need Cash Fast – One of the major benefits of selling your home to a cash buyer like us is getting cash. It saves you from having to negotiate with potential buyers, deal with real estate agents, feel obligated to undertake repair requests, and even then be left hanging. If your home needs extensive repairs, don’t worry; we can handle it. 

Inherited Property – It can be stressful losing someone that was near you or someone you loved. The fact that you might be attached to a piece of inherited property often makes it difficult to place a price on it. That’s why the sooner it is sold, the better. Fortunately, we can buy your inherited property in as few as 7-days. 

Rental Property – As real estate investors, we know that rental properties are a very good investment. Whether it is one or a hundred, they are always good to have. We know of many people in California that have had rental properties for years, but there comes a time when it needs to be liquated. Liquidating rental properties can help pay for expenses like a child going to college or retirement. Often people want to sell rental properties if they are inhabited by troublesome tenants. Regardless of the reason, we make a fair and competitive offer on rental properties. Plus, we take responsibility for any tenants on the property. 

Facing Legal IssuesWe buy houses San Diego from people who may also be facing legal trouble. Sometimes selling the home, you don’t need might be the only way to raise money for a lawsuit or to pay for a settlement. Either way, we make the process quick and easy. 

Don’t Want to Pay Realtor Fees – Believe it or not, some people even sell their homes to us because they don’t want to deal with a realtor. Realtor fees can mean the difference between selling your home at a great price or barely breaking even. Unfortunately, when you factor in present realtor commissions, especially in San Diego, going through all that trouble for an old home may not be worth it. When selling to us, there is no need to worry about paying any fees yet we make you competitive cash offers. 

Our Cash Home Buyer Solves Your Problems 

Have you just inherited a home that you don’t know what to do with? Maybe you have a rental property that you can’t manage anymore? Need to relocate ASAP and don’t have time to put the home on the market? You don’t want to deal with all the fees, headaches, and hassle usually involved with selling your home via an agent? Then contact us, and we’ll help you sell your house fast in San Diego, California. We make highly competitive offers that are based on the current market value of your home. Understanding the offer is easy too. All you have to do is complete the form above, and we’ll work with you to make an offer. 

Working with the Wrong Cash Buyer is a Bad Idea!

As San Diego’s leading house for cash buyers, we always encourage clients to undertake thorough research before they make a decision. Not only should you research the market value of the home but also us! That’s right, always research the company you are about to work with to make sure that you are getting a good deal with no strings attached. It is your right to work with real cash for home buyers with an excellent reputation. We are always happy to answer questions, provide references and whatever else is needed to set your mind at ease. 

The wrong cash for home buyers can end up costing you a lot of time and money in the long term. You could possibly have your cash held up for several months before getting paid. It also isn’t uncommon for unscrupulous companies to change the terms of the sale and the price forcing you to accept it after having jumped through all those hoops. That’s why we always make the process very clear from the get-go so that you can decide if it is worth moving ahead with based on your goals. 

Why Choose Us?

2nd Chance Investment group is a family-owned business, and our goal has always been to treat clients with the same integrity, respect, and care that they deserve. As professionals who have been investing in real estate for over a decade, we know that there are times when you might have a better option.  Even though we buy houses San Diego if there is a better option we will always tell you about it. Sometimes other options like loan modification, ongoing property management,  and even a traditional listing may be better suited to you. That’s why even though we buy homes for cash, we are willing to help in any way possible. That’s why we have gained a reputation for being helpful to clients, regardless of what they want to do. Many homeowners who know us just call for advice which we are happy to give. 

We have a history of often solving complex problems. However, at the moment, we are looking to expand our footprint in the San Diego area. That’s why we are always happy to meet with clients and other professionals who can make this possible. 

When you do business with us, you don’t necessarily need an attorney because we have a relationship with some of the best in the area. We also have relationships with Movers and CPAs. That’s why there is no reason to spend money on what we already have. Though we still advise that you should have a lawyer present, just so that your interests are represented by someone who understands all the legal speak of the documents. 

Here are a couple of reasons to choose us: 

We build relationships – That’s right! We are one of the few if any cash for home buyers that put the need of our clients first to build a long-term relationship. That’s why a big chunk of our business comes through referrals. 

Reputed Investors in San Diego, CA– Not only are we one of the most experienced investors in the industry, but we are also highly reputed; most people in the San Diego community know us very well. 

Solutions to your problems – We are experts at finding solutions. That’s why when people come to us asking, “how do I sell my home fast” the answer they get is often something they never thought of in the first place. 

We make the best offer – Selling your home fast and without undertaking, repairs do not mean you have to sell for far below market price. That’s why if you are in the market to sell, get in touch with us and compare our offer to others. You’ll be surprised!

We offer transparency – Unlike other real estate investors, our entire process is transparent. From the time you call us to the time you get paid, we keep you looped in every step of the way. You are never left in the dark, especially if there are decisions being made concerning your ownership of the property. 

Sell in a few days – We offer you the opportunity to sell in the shortest time possible. In fact, nobody buys homes within a few days for cash the way we do. Others might promise but never deliver!

We Buy Houses in and Around San Diego 

Regardless of where you are located, if you need to sell a house fast, we can help you. Even though we are in the business of buying houses for cash, we are also there to help and serve our clients. 

Many clients may also call us to find out if we can make them a better offer. However, unlike other services, the offer we make is based on considering all present factors, including market prices, your home’s condition, address, loans like mortgages, etc. That’s why the offers we make are often final. That said, you can be assured that this is going to be the very best offer you get from anyone, especially from a cash-for-home buying company in the state. 

If you are considering selling your home and are wondering what we’ll be willing to offer, feel free to get in touch with us. However, please make sure to describe your home in the best way possible, highlighting all the pros and cons associated with it. Also, if it was recently damaged by a storm, flood, fire, or anything else please mention this in your description. All of these factors will allow us to give you an accurate offer. 

The other significant advantage of selling your home to us is that there are no additional costs involved. We take care of everything from closing costs to attorneys and everything in between. You don’t need to pay a real estate commission, pay us anything or spend on repairs to the home like you generally would. Above all, you get to choose the closing date. It is up to you when the sale closes, and it only will when you are comfortable with the offer and want to move ahead with it. 

Frequent Asked Questions (FAQs)

Over the years, many people who find themselves trying to sell a home for the first time may have a couple of questions. Many of these questions are considered standard, and we’ve listed them here so that you can get an answer without having to go through the hassle of calling us. That said, we are always looking forward to speaking with prospective sellers. 

Q. How Can I Sell My Home in San Diego Fast or What is the Best way to Sell? 

A. We buy houses San Diego and have made the process very easy. All you need is to get in touch with us via our contact form above. Fill in as much detail as you possibly can about your home, and we will make you an offer within 24 hours based on that description. Once you approve, we’ll start the process of buying your property which is usually completed within a week, but unforeseeable circumstances may cause a delay. Our goal, though, is to close in the shortest time possible. It also means you get fast cash. 

Q. Do You Buy Homes Across Southern California? 

A. Yes, we buy houses San Diego and across Southern California. If your home isn’t in San Diego, we might still be able to buy it. So, feel free to get in touch with us. 

Q. My Home Needs Major Repairs; Will You Still Buy It?

A. Yes, we buy homes that require major repairs. Regardless of if it was damaged by a fire or flooding, we’ll still buy it. However, we do reserve the right to examine your home before making an offer, just to make sure we understand the full scope of repairs. 

Q. Do I Need to Pay Any Commissions or Fees?

A. As home buyers, we certainly don’t charge sellers anything. We also don’t involve a third party like a relator because we deal directly with sellers, so there are no commissions. In terms of fees, we handle things like closing costs on our own. That’s why you don’t have to worry about paying a fee(s). 

Q. Do You Make a No Obligation Offer? 

A. Yes, you are under no obligation to accept our offer. You are also under no obligation to accept the offer or decline it within a specified period. You can take your time to decide and contact us once you have. Our team will then handle everything else. 

Q. Does the Zip Code of My Family Home Matter?

A. Yes, it does, and you should mention it when requesting an offer. Not all zip codes have the same market value. Some addresses and locations are more expensive than others. Giving us your zip code will help our team research your property to make a more accurate offer. In fact, the more information you give us about the property, the better. 

Q. Is There a Possibility the Deal Will Fall Through? 

A. We have rarely if ever, declined to buy a property once we’ve made an offer. However, if we run into issues like inconsistencies with the documentation, or something else, in that case, the deal may fall through. That said, unlike selling to an individual seller like ones that come from property listings and real estate agents, the deal isn’t going to fall through because our mortgage was declined or because we changed our minds. We are professionals who invest in real estate for a living, which is why we have the cash reserves to make the needed investment, i.e., buy your property. 

Want Us to Buy Your Home?

Regardless of your area, we buy homes of all types and sizes. Your decision to sell may be to avoid foreclosure, pay for medical expenses, or for your kids’ college education. Regardless of why you are selling, we will buy your home. 

The best way to sell a home to us is to fill out our short online form. Doing this helps us get in touch with you and learn more about the property. It also shortens the time it takes to buy a home. 

We buy houses San Diego regardless of size, but the first step is to get an offer. Contact our team today, and we’ll make you a fair offer and a cash offer! You can then choose a closing date based on what works for you. 

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